Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Night of Fútbol

As history was made with the relegation of River and crowning of Santos, many of the joys and pains of South American football were clear in sight.

Article available here:


  1. i left a comment on the article page but it is not showing up for some reason. i wanted to share my translation/interpretation of Grondona's famous ring:

  2. Just read your post. You bring up some excellent points on the motivations and implications of the AFA proceeding with the 40 team setup.

    Most of the information I know about the situation comes from the English media. Why did the representatives from the top div. clubs vote in favor of it? Some sort of pressure from Grondona?

    Also, would you mind sharing some good sources for Argentine football? It's something I'm fascinated by and care deeply about, but I'm not so well-informed living in the US. I know Clarin, Perfil, El Pais, and a handful of blogs (like yours) but not much else.